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  • The most wide spread reality in today's business world is that the places where organisations' values live is on the walls, in the brochures and on the websites. LiveTheValues helps making the organisational values an integral part of the decisions, actions and reactions of all members of an organisation, irrespective of their position, function, geography or background.

  • LiveTheValues.com is a fully customised online platform that helps transferring the values of an organisation into day-to-day attitude and behaviour of every employee in a fast, effective and cost-efficient manner. This is neither a test nor an individual evaluation of the employees, but a tool aimed at learning, debating and applying organisational values into daily thinking and behaving. However, since the platform traces every information about the way people responded to the questions, the way they interpret and understand the values of the organisation will become very clear once we analyze the big-data set of answers. This will allow the organisation to refine and adjust its internal follow-up interventions and communications.

  • The role of values in an organisation is to guide and align the autonomous decisions of members, especially in situations where they need to make difficult, dilemmatic decisions. The online platform exposes them to a number of possible such situations and asks them to choose between several possible courses of action. Although one course of action is preferred by the organisation, the others are not entirely out of the ordinary, therefore prompting people to reflect and look at the value set for guidance.

    Once the value set of an organisation is identified, clarified and described, we can create a adequate number of customised, everyday, dilemmatic situations from the business and non-business environment, that people can easily identify with, and in which they will have to apply one or more values to come to the right decision.

    The mini case studies and their respective answers are separately designed to model the use of values in everyday decisions, attitudes and behaviors for both managers and non-managers within the organisation and can be further customised for specific areas of the organisation (such as customer facing, or support functions).